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Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Videos Coming Soon !!!

I want to apologize for not posting new videos for a while. I have many hours of videos that I want to share, and I still hit the streets in my spare time making new videos.

Today my priorities are to watch both NFL playoff games. After the games , I will get to work and upload some new videos.

You can watch all my videos on my youtube page.

Or you can watch some of them here.Scroll down this page and go to "older posts" to see all of them.

Sanitation Enforcement Agent Agnone Breaks The Law

Female Traffic Cop Breaks The Law Because She Is Having Her Period

Jimmy Justice On Countdown

Jimmy Justice on ABC's i-caught Videos

Jimmy Justice On Inside Edition

Who Watches Them ?

Traffic Cop Makes Illegal U-Turn

Traffic Cop Anderson Breaks the Law And Has A Message For NYC

Traffic Enforcement Agent Block Fire Hydrant During Fire

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