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Friday, February 8, 2008

NYPD traffic enforcement agent sergeant parks illegally while running personal errands


AllanDuke said...

I bet you'd run out of videotape if you lived in Chicago.

Keep fighting the good fight my friend.

JimmyJustice4753 said...

Thanks Allan

Kurt said...
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Kurt said...

Is there any way, since as a citizen, the law is a representation of you, to take videographic evidence adn demand in an official public forum that tickets be written? I would scour the law, there has to be something of that effect on the books.

You know, the sad thing is, I like cops, or at least the idea of them. Perhaps it's because they aren't paid well enough that quality human beings aren't applying for the job, but they are neccessary for any civilization, especially in a place like NYC to survive. But that doesn't justify such behavior as is exhibited all too often by those in uniform who believe the are justified in mockery, insult, and crime.

Talk to a lawyer with a grudge and see if there isn't recourse for a citizen to charge another individual with a crime. I would imagine you have some right there.

- Your buddy (way) upstate

Anonymous said...

you know just try and do the job for 30 days. I want you to be as polite and courteous to every citizen you issue a citation to. And while you are doing the job for 30 days film every single encounter and post it on youtube explaining what happened and I bet your entire thinking of traffic enforcement would change !!!!

Anonymous said...

Since we are making video's of
offical's, why don't we expand the
forum to include the mayor's office, city council and the higher
brass at the police dept, for doing just the same. " apple doesn't fall far from the tree"

Auto Accident Attorney Houston, Texas said...

He should be punished. Keep it up your word dude!