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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sanitation Officer Austin blocks a hydrant and a lane of traffic


Jennifer G. said...

Great work Jimmy Justice ! I am going to make a donation to you via paypal because i support your brave crusade.

JimmyJustice4753 said...


Anonymous said...

Great Job Jimmy Justice. You are so right in what you do. I was a truck driver in Manhattan many years and was subjected to these "brownies" as we called them back then. The firm I worked for made me pay for all my tickets, You catch these idiots fair and square, with video proof and still these traffic enforcement jerks make their wrong right.,,,and with an attitude when they are confronted!!!! But watching your many videos, i have noticed that many of these officers, are morons. They are so dumb, it makes me laugh... That don't say much for the screening and promotion process. Personally I think it sucks, Yeah these officers(most of them are polite) calling you Sir, but come on, it looks like most of them
never made it through high school .,...employed and promoted because of quotas.....Also look a the shape of some of them.....What they say about cops eating donuts must be true...Look at the size of some of these god...

So to become a NYC Traffic Enforcement Agent
you must be:
A Minority
Have an attitude
No HS school diploma
Above the Law
and addicted to food

Sounds like a great place to work...NOT

Keep up the GREAT WORK....Im hoping youll get your own show on one of the networks