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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Union Meeting Showdown - Jimmy Justice


Dave said...

hahahaha great video Jimmy Justice. You have my support 100%

Ted said...

Looks and sounds like what will become nationwide with out "Civilian National Security Force" as proposed by The Obamassiah.
Yea for socialism!!!

Anonymous said...


Why do so many city workers feel they own this city? I work and pay my taxes AND pay their salary. Kick the bums out and hire honest people to do these jobs!

Anonymous said...

Good work! One of the greatest things about America is that NOBODY is above the law - not even those that enforce them.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, I have a great should stand in front of one of the NYPD's favorite pub's and wait for them to come out and drive. Apparently they are the only one's who are allowed to drive drunk and get away with it. I guess they can't run over someone child, only normal citizens supposibly can. I've seen them fall out of cars....and still be allowed to drive....get that on camera!!!!

Diana said...

I love what you are doing! I am fighting 4 tickets right now that seem to have been written out on random. After watching your last piece, I'm even more determined to fight them all the way.
Thanks Jimmy! You are a true New York Hero.

Anonymous said...

I think what you are doing is great!!! There should be more people like you. When the NYPD catches criminals I support them, but when they nit pick and punish the working class citizen it is diminishing the country. Having a citizen miss a days work to be in court for a ticket, doesn't make much sense. Having a persons car towed for $300 only hurts a families pocket it does nothing constructive any which way you look at it. This country was built on people who stick up for what they believe in, and that's you. As far as I'm concerned you aren't breaking any laws. Good Luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

on facebook, we are asking u to run for mayor of nyc

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Justice, thank you for showing all who watch, what it is to be a free citizen.

There aren't enough people like you out there.

Anonymous said...

Great job, I work for a college as a campus peace officer. If we did what they are doing we would be reprimanded or lose our jobs and yet NYC PD cops can do it, no. A violation of the law is a violation of the law, certain situations allow for leniency with officers however situations like this and then how the officers treat you for just saying hey do your job and stop breaking what you enforce is unacceptable. Please keep this up.

Anonymous said...

I would really want to see NYPD cops looking for a legal parking spot... Responding to your emergency...

Professor Bootieslaya said...

Here's a quick history lesson for YOU:

There is a long history of affirmative action in this country...for WHITES. Racial preferences have a long, institutional history in this country - a white history. There are many ways in which government programs and practices have channeled wealth and opportunities to white people at the expense of others, but of course you NEVER focus your vigilante justice in the direction of the truly corrupt!

Affirmative action in the American "workplace" first began in the late 17th century when European indentured servants - the original source of unfree labor on the new tobacco plantations of Virginia and Maryland - were replaced by African slaves. In exchange for their support and their policing of the growing slave population, lower-class Europeans won new rights, entitlements, and opportunities from the planter elite.

White Americans were also given a head start with the help of the US Army. The 1830 Indian Removal Act forcibly relocated Cherokee, Creek and other eastern Indians to west of the Mississippi River to make room for white settlers. The 1862 Homestead Act gave away millions of acres that had been Indian Territory west of the Mississippi. Ultimately, 270 million acres or 10% of the total land area of the United States, was converted to private hands, overwhelmingly white.

The 1790 Naturalization Act permitted only "free white persons" to become naturalized citizens, thus opening the doors to European immigrants but not others. Only citizens could vote, serve on juries, hold office, and in some cases, even hold property.

18th century Alien Land Laws passed in California and other states, reserved farm land for white growers by preventing Asian immigrants, ineligible to become citizens, from owning or leasing land. Immigration restrictions further limited opportunities for nonwhite groups. Racial barriers to naturalized U.S. citizenship weren't removed until the McCarran-Walter Act in 1952, and white racial preferences in immigration remained until 1965.

In the South, the federal government never followed through on General Sherman's Civil War plan to divide up plantations and give each freed slave "40 acres and a mule" as reparations. Only once was monetary compensation made for slavery, in Washington, D.C. There, government officials paid up to $300 per slave upon emancipation - not to the slaves, but to local slaveholders as compensation for loss of property.

When slavery ended, its legacy lived on not only in the impoverished condition of Black people but in the wealth and prosperity that accrued to white slaveowners and their descendents. Economists who try to place a dollar value on how much white Americans have profited from 200 years of unpaid slave labor, including interest, BEGIN their estimates at $1 trillion.

Now, Israel funds Obama. Israel funds Mugabe. Israel funded apartheid South Africa. Israel funds Hamas and supplies weapons to Fatah. Jewish slave owners raped their African slaves to produce more slaves to increase production and prosperity of their own plantations. The original Ku Klux Klan had many Jewish members. The NAACP was founded by Jews. Many neo-Nazis, like YOU, are in fact Jewish! Google 'Frank Collin' (aka Joseph Cohen)!

The Jews were Europe's issue to deal with. Since Germany was responsible for the Holocaust of European Jews, then logically, it is Germany who should have carved a bit of it's own land out as recompense for the Jews. Palestine should have never entered the equation. It is simple land theft by Ashkenazim. Their ancestral homeland is Saakashvili's Georgia, as they are Khazar pagans who converted to the religion of Judaism.

In addition, Palestinian Jews, Christians and Muslims peacefully lived in a single, unified state (under British Mandate) for centuries. European Jews used the Holocash as an excuse to wipe Palestine off the map and create a Jewish-only state. They did this by force, via Jewish terrorists Irgun and the Stern Gang who torched Arab/Christian homes & towns and bombed the King David Hotel to get rid of the British. This illegal dispossession herein lies the conflict.

Castrating the mentally ill, encouraging reproduction among families "numbered among the intelligentsia" and limiting the size of "families of Eastern origin" and "preventing...lives that are lacking in purpose" - these proposals are not from some program of the Third Reich but rather were brought up by key figures in the Zionist establishment of the Land of Israel during the period of the British Mandate. Jewish mythology claims a long history of moral superiority over others, and innocence.

Recently, Israel demanded 240 BILLION dollars from Germany and was denied the Holocash for a genocide that happened in the LAST century. They should invoice Hitler's government. The rest of us, who for the most part were not even alive at the time, and indeed lost family killed in the war to STOP Hitler, are NOT liable for this debt.

It is ISRAEL who owes the rest of the world a huge debt, both morally and financially for all that we sacrificed to stop Hitler.

There have been holocausts before and since WWII, many spurred on by Jewish financing. The real big money players in the slave trade (and now the current global financial enslavement that is already well under way) are Ashkenazim Europeans who claim Jewish heritage, but do NOT represent Judaism or the Jewish diaspora in any way. This is apparent in the way they have hoarded holocaust funds meant for survivors and their heirs.

It doesn't take a genius to recognize that the Talmudic behavior of Jews is the real cause of Anti-Semitism. While many Jews are secular & abhorrent of the Talmud, many more are orthodox or ignorant of the attitudes & the hidden agenda of Zionism. Real Muslims, Christians & Jews need to dis-associate from the Zionist Jewish enterprise and re-invent themselves as a people, recognizing how, like other peoples, they have been deceived and exploited by their so-called leaders.

Condemn the Nazis in your own backyard before condemning those who dare to speak truth to corrupt power! The sleeping giant is waking up and your time is nigh.

Anonymous said...


MAJK said...

people like Jimmy Justice keep America free from fascism. Thanks Jimmy for stopping government employees (who work on my tax dollars) from violating the laws they swore to protect.

discusted by leaders said...

jimmy, from minnesota,- you kick ass, nice job, we all need to stand up to these hypocrits, be careful though,or you are gonna be getting a beaten, and i don't want to see that. More abuse of the system and the tax payers dollars by the officials. These people and thier thinking are just another example of why things have become the way they are in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

YAYYYYY for jimmy justice