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Thursday, June 12, 2008

NYPD traffic enforcement tow truck blocks hydrant while driver is in Mcdonalds


Jennifer said...

Great work Jimmy Justice.You should get your own tv show.You would be amazing !

Anonymous said...

great video keep up the good work

Law Student said...

Mr. Justice,

An understanding of the philosophy of law might benefit you. The State is held to a different standard than is a member of the citizenry. As agents of the State, government officials are permitted to engage in behavior that the general population is not. For instance, the State is permitted to seize from a person his life, property, money, children, etc. A member of the general public is not. It is inappropriate for you to align the general public and agents of the State to the same standard.

JimmyJustice4753 said...

Law student I disagree with you.

Yes, the State has the authority to do things that ordinary citizens cannot do.

The State can take away someones life,property,money,and children but only if they do in in a lawful manner under the appropriate circumstances.

The state cannot just march into someones home and take their children away without just cause.

And agents of the State must always abide by the law and the protocols of their job.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy i agree with you in all ways. if we are same by position and different by inside, someone should not have different privilegies. even if i'm not fron NYC, i see how horribile is there.